Monday, May 08, 2006

take that hangover

"overdoing it on the seratonin on a saturday night seeing Take That live can seriously darken your outlook on life for the next few days"

that's what it should say on the ticket! i've been depressed ever since the four lads rocked manchester! actually i'm really depressed cos i miss my man who had to go back to Sheffield yesterday. and it's raining. and frankly it would be easier to be cheery if the sun came out. (heavy sigh).

the concert on saturday was brilliant! i never saw Take That do a proper stadium tour when i was younger cos i couldn't afford the ticket, so i'm glad i managed to beg for some this time round because they really did a good show. and i even kissed Howard* as they ran thru the crowd mid-way thru the concert, which was very exciting and only a little bit startling. and i ran to the front at the very end - stealthily avoiding pesky security people and got on the big screen when the cameras panned round to look at the crowd! yay! a girl from work saw me too! double yay! cos up til she told me this morning i was the only person who knew i'd been on the big screen! haha, and what's the use in that?!

i was very giddy for the whole evening**.

which is nice. i don't get very giddy very often which means i appreciate it more than, say, someone who is in a constant state of giddiness.

giddy. that's a good word. that's officially my word of the day. you watch how i spectacularly squeeze it into conversation when you're least expecting it!

i even bought a pink TT hat! i wanted a pair of pants that said 'how deep is your love' but they didn't have my size. and i wanted a 'lipstick mark on my coffee cup' mug but i forgot to go back to the merchandise stall once the whole thing was over... ruined.

a few people have turned their noses up at the idea of my going to a Take That concert. but theyre only jealous. there's nothing wrong with a trip down memory lane for women over a certain age! hehe

*Howard. Seemed like a nice chap in the reunion doc on telly last year but when i was 15 had a terrible rep for being quite the sexual deviant! Anyway i was always a Robbie girl. I must try and go to see him live...

**my boyfriend can vouch for this. and he looked bewildered by the whole evening. hehe

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