Wednesday, May 17, 2006

infamy! infamy! they've all got it in-fa-me!

since i started working in the so called 'creative' industries i have been the least creative in my life. nice that!

once i was just the cheerful and enthusiastic girl who worked at the call centre/ shop/ bar who wanted to work in the creative industries since that was where all your creative juices got utilised proper like.

my blog is the most creative thing i've produced in 3 months.

i rest my case m'lud.

does the fact that it becomes 'corporate creativity' ruin the whole experience?

one of my favourite quotes ever ever ever is Oscar Wilde's "Find a job you love and you'll never work another day in your life" because i really believe it's true! i honestly have never been one of those people who think that 'not working' is something to aspire to. work makes people sane, human beans can't cope with too much time on their hands - it makes 'em crazy!

but oh what to do, what to do! (imagine, if you will, a woeful damsel in a merchant ivory production, heavy brow and heaving bosom haha)

i really fear i am at the end of my tether with this advertising malarky! it's so soul destroying it's almost causing me to fall of the wagon* which is just not cricket!

haha, Oscar Wilde? What to do? Cricket?! what is it about feeling like you're getting a raw deal in life that makes One get terribly English about it!! probably something to do with how we don't like to complain so One should at least be eloquent about it! haha

it's usual to end a blog having satisfactorily ended the story told... but this has been more of a very polite rant so i can't sum up or give the solution... sufficient to say i am not having a great week!

*holiday diet - 8 days til bikini time! argh!

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