Tuesday, May 02, 2006

snow patrol are a proper sexy bunch of rock'n'rollers!

well now Gary Lighbody. if i were 5 year younger i most definitely would. but the way he bounds around stage i reckon i'd have trouble keeping up with the young fella!

ahem. pop lusting over, the gig was really good too! never been to the Ritz in Manchester before and it's a proper old school club venue, not tiny, but quite intimate for a band of Snow Patrol's recent success. The crowd (and me) sang along to all the big tunes from Final Straw and some of the more die hards sang along to the new stuff (show offs!). Gary split his trousers early on but this wardrobe malfunction is unlikely to make Heat's front cover...

missed out on Lost being back on the telly for season 2 - but while i was right peeved when i heard of the impending clash, i'm kind of relieved cos last season was a pain the ass to be home every week for and missing out did your head in... and it's only telly!! would much rather be out enjoying the efforts of hot young rock things!

my boyfriend says 'oh they're rubbish' which ofcourse they're not. Final Straw was my favourite record in the summer of 2004! he says his mate says they're a Coldplay ripoff. since when did his mate know anything about good music? it's so easy to slag off a band just cos they've done well. ah such cliches boys. such cliches.

well i'm off to have rock'n'roll dreams about irish boys playing guitars, bon nuit.

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