Thursday, May 11, 2006

join us

i am going to a Lib Dems meeting thing on Sunday.

wanted to see what local politics was all about cos i am living with a heavy social conscience this year*

so will i rid my commute of pot holes? will i get better recycling services for my community? or will i just go to meetings with a bunch of social misfits?! i mean come on - the harsh reality is that it's not very cool to care is it?! but i don't give hooping funt** about being cool or not. i do care about who i spend my free time with tho... so here's to Sunday and finding out whether i will be continuing this flirtation with 'my community' haha

only last time (the first time i met them infact) they whipped out their membership forms and held pen a quiver! woah there horsey! it's only our first date! needless to say it made me a little nervous about meeting up again! another branch of the party also wanted me to help out the other week pre-election, handing out leaflets or something dogsbodylike but i had to blow them out cos i was seeing sexy rockers Snow Patrol at the Ritz in Manchester***. they've not rang me since. talk about shallow!

maybe i should stick to shoes.

*i'm hoping this is just a phase! maybe next year i'll be back into vacuous passions like shoes...

**'i don't give a hooping funt' was uttered by the character 'Blossom', from the kid's sitcom of the same name, used instead of you-know-what.. me and my friend KC thought this a most-excellent expression and it has lived on since!

*** see previous entry titled 'snow patrol are a proper bunch of sexy rock'n'rollers!'

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