Saturday, May 20, 2006

so naughty

i am in the post-coital-esque throes of a bit of shopping therapy...

i went to meet a friend for a hot chocolate in town cos i'd not seen her in a while and she FORCED me to meet her in Topshop. and i'd not been in since it had opened its new store and oh boy, its good!

pink suede and straw platforms uptohere!

i managed to escape credit card intact only to be seduced by the shoe shop next door, Aldo, where i indulged in a dirty pair of black platform stilettos...

my man doesn't like it when i wear high heels when we go out, because as all girls know, some shoes are too bad to be on your feet in for more than an hour before it's just too painful for words!
so he says things like "i don't know why you wear heels, you can't walk in them"
him up there with his 6'
well i happen to like seeing what its like being tall!

when i was at uni and the height of Girl Power, i bought a pair of Spice-esque Buffalo platform trainers. i could see on top of the cooker! it was truly eye-opening. tall people have a totally different perspective!

and if i get dropped at the bar, sit down, then get a cab home my big shoes aren't a problem... until i've drunk too many vodka cocktails and then i just topple off them... a lot. haha

but some pain is worth it and a beautiful pair of shoes is just too irresistible. they're a work of art darling!

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