Wednesday, May 03, 2006

you can tell a lot from a ring tone

is it just me or do the mobile ringtones some people choose really surprise you?

a chap in the office today had a startlingly Techno ringtone. i almost threw my hands in that air like i just didn't care! (how cute am i? do you see what i did there?! haha) but you just wouldn't think 'raver' to look at him at all!

which got me to thinking, how much can you tell about someone about their mobile ringtone?

my man has a Superman theme tone right now accompanied with a Yoda text alert which never fails to bring a smile. does this mean he's a sci-fi nerd who lives in an unreality? or does it just mean we like the same movies?! hehe

i bought The Sugarbabes' Push the Button ringtone a few months back*. does this mean i'm a vacuos pop guzzling fool? or merely that i enjoy a good pop tune on a sunny day?!

now i have a new mobile phone and you can't transfer bought in applications i'm using one of the standard rings, but it's no ordinary ring. it's the jazz ring baby! it even has a little vinyl crackle at the beginning which i LOVE!! haha i'm so easily amused...

so does this jazzy ditty mean people will think i'm tres avant garde? am i in fact tres avant garde in my musical tastes? i rather think so.

and if, after all, your mobile ringtone is only a side of you that you wish complete strangers on the bus/tram/train/sainsbury's supermarket aisle to see, then what of it?!
it's only a ringtone.
or is it?!

*only to get months of billing from the ringtone company i entrusted my details to. what was i thinking you ask. hey it was a funky ringtone!

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Nicholarse said...

It's a star wars ringtone actually....