Monday, September 04, 2006

booze is bad

why oh why oh why oh why...

my friend's party was ace! but i drank too much...

i don't feel very sexy this morning and it's been more than24 hours now! haha, that's what happens when you're over 30, it takes FOREVER to recover from one drunken night - i probably am still suffering from my Edinburgh indulgence!

mental weekend tho. went to comedy on Friday night and it all kicked off cos some stupid drunks wouldn't stop talking and the last comedian (the 'headliner') couldn't handle it! it turned into a screaming match - it was proper fked up!

saturday went to see a friend i was at achool with, she's expecting twins and told me all the gory details of how they'd be coming out just to put me off having any myself for a few more years... man - with all the science in the world i have two questions. 1, why does it still hurt? there should be a "beam me out scotty" option by now! and 2, why can't men have the kids yet?! haha

saturday night was the party - and yes - my cd was a big hit! haha well, me and ruth loved it anyway and thats what counts!

sadly a drunken night always has casualties, and saturday was no different. on the way home at 3am (ish) i lost my pink kitty purse in the excitement.

i really loved my pink kitty purse too.

maybe my lovely boyfriend will get me another one... hehe

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