Tuesday, September 19, 2006

pass me the aspro, man!

i'm feeling a bit ill today.

this is not good as i have to go the gym tonight. also i find being ill incredibly boring! you can't do anything but lie there and suffer! rubbish!

i have a tickly cough and feel a bit heavy headed so i'm loaded up with paracetamol and i took 2 vitamin c tablets this morning!

can a positive mental attitude see me thru?!
will just i lie back and take it like a man?!
tune in to the next exciting installment of 'Don't Panic'! haha
yeah, as a result of my mushy head i am not feeling very creative today, so please don't hold these drugged up ramblings against me!

i been to see Little Miss Sunshine this weekend, it was really good! Wasn't sure what to expect cos sometimes American Indie flicks can be rubbish but it was £5 well spent! We also watched Dig! on dvd. Been meaning to watch this for a while and it wasn't disappointing. Good little story about how The Dandy Warhols and a band calle The Brian Jonestown Massacre were born in california one summer and how one made it big and t'other didn't; but onyl cos the main man Anton was heavy in drugs. It was really a big advert for TBJM cos their music was cool! Very 90s darling!

well that's about all i can muster - my brain hurts today...

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