Thursday, September 21, 2006

there is such a thing as good news!

today as i woke up i heard the best news in a long time - good news on the news!
that's rare stuff baby!

California Sues Car Companies Over Emissions!
here's a link to the story in case you haven't heard about it

I am loving it!
I'm a hippy me - I eat vegetables and lentils and everything! haha
when i was 16 i was given a book called The Young Persons Guide To Saving The Planet and i always turn my telly/computer off at night!
Standby is very BAD kids!!

So, probably for the first time in my life, the news made me smile!
I saw a headline a few weeks ago about how they're calling companies who profit from fuel sales 'Global Warming Deniers' just like the cigarette companies who went from being 'Smoking Kills Deniers' to coughing up serious compo in courts across America.

Smoking doesn't kill.
Smoking might kill.
Smoking kills.
Smoking kills you and everyone around you.

nice product.
what p*sses me off about cigarettes is there's no way they'd be allowed to go on sale now if they were a new product. they'd be a Class A with all the sh*t that goes with it!
my boyf says stopping people from smoking is taking away their liberties. i say its taking away profits from corporations who are killing their customers!

and it's so funny that those tw*ts who drive bigs stoopid cars, with what one can only assume is a very cavalier attitude about the planet and it's non-renewable fuel sources, will have to a) pay more tax if the government has any sense and/or b) have to give them up when they're just plain banned from the streets! haha
i saw an SUV* in the office car park today - i wanted to leave a note "Gosh! Doing ANYTHING that justifies owning this car this weekend? - NO? Please sell this tank and get a Corsa yeah?" haha

Arnie for president i say! and we thought they were just a bunch of arty farty hollywood hippies over there in California! but sueing General Motors - now that takes balls baby! hehe

Cars do not effect global warming.
Cars might effect global warming.
Cars effect global warming.
Cars are killing the planet dudes!

sound familiar! haha

*SUV Sports Utility Vehicle - if theyr'e anything like trainers, most people won't be buying them for sports. it's White Van Man culture gone mad!

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