Wednesday, September 06, 2006

surfin the crimson wave

i'm hoping to Orange Wednesday it tonight.

how much do i love that concept?! and i always reel in disbelief when i meet someone who doesn't know what an Orange Wednesday is, how can they have missed the ads before every film in every cinema (now that's coverage!)

i guess cos i'm an Orange customer i take more notice but that's still no excuse! haha, they're brilliant ads!

so i'm going to Orange Wednesday with a friend of mine who used to be with Orange but has jumped ship for another network on promise of a cool phone - how fickle is that?! and now she expects me to take her on Orange Wednesdays?! cheeky minx! hehe

i'd like to see Volver or the Betty Paige movie cos they're both chick flicks and my man will grumble if i try and make him see them (even though i went to see Nachos frickn Libre!!!) but i don't know what my friend wants to see so...

i've given myself the week off the gym after a traumatic scene on Monday when i had to dump my personal trainer and ask for new one. i had an appt with him and i called to check the time but he was off and had another apt booked in anyway so i wasn't impressed and said i'd had enough of his nonsense thanksverymuch!

so i have a consultation on Thursday with an Australian lass... and i'm feeling well knackered this week anyway after all my partying the last fortnight so it's officially a week of the gym!
but i did sort out my last unsorted drawers from my move last night and i'm being extra sociable with my spare time this week so's not to waste it! haha

time management is the key to a successful life don't ya know?!

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