Thursday, September 07, 2006

the eagle is landing at 3 o'clock

i had trouble getting to sleep last night cos i was reading Heat magazine in bed, very naughty behaviour!

i was also a bit more awake than usual cos i'd just been the cinema to see Volver (brilliant film, but peneleope cruz is too dam pretty!) so i was all gee'd up as it where!
the showing was pretty packed for a non-arthouse cinema tho - i was quite impressed, but then you have to consider the Orange 241 offer on a wednesday as mentioned in my previous blog...
it occurred to me that a film shown during the trailers (The History Boys) was just another in a long line of Buddy Movies for boys. It seems sucha shame that the Americans are not so keen on making decent heart warming movies for groups of women, unlike Almavodour! He makes great movies for women characters - and what characters they are! he does seem to use the same actresses over and over but you never tire of them because they're so entertaining to watch!

i had the radio on last night and couldn't find anything chilled so i thought Radio 3 perhaps? Without much conviction. but it was actually a cool show! about classical reoworkings of modern soundtrack songs like Exit Music by Radiohead - mental - but really good! i wanna listen to that show every week! i thought - blimey! radio 3?! but then they started playing some crazy gaelic nonsense so i had to put radio 2 on...

i'm wittering now so it's time to go, ce vediamo doppo!

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