Tuesday, September 12, 2006

fighting crime in satin tights

so i have two (count em - 2!) fancy dress parties to go to in the next month or so and my thoughts have turned to outfits - do you make your own or do you hire out?

me and man man went on an amble round a few shops this weekend and i've got to say hire or buy they didn't have much to offer, one shop - with a really really cool name too* gave me some right tatty ware to look at... er, no thanks!

which is why i thought about making my own. for party 1 where the theme is Legends i am planning a wonderwoman entrance! surely the all american colours outfit is fairly easy to replicate? i already have the hotpants from a pj set my mate Fallon bought me! and the more i think about it the more fun it sounds! i quite like the idea of looking rubbish and homemade than bought-it-in-the-shop same-as-everyone-else! haha

the lazy girl inside me says - just buy one! but the creative girl says make it your own! haha guess who usually wins! haha**

then end of next month i have to be a vampire at a Hallowe'en party, which my man says is easy - black cloak and white face paint - job done! but i'm sure there's more too it! haha

i was a zombie last year and that was great fun and inspired by the amazing movie rom-zom-com Shaun of the Dead, you can get fake skin to mash up your face - it's great fun! haha

maybe i'll post pics after said events so you can see how i did...

*Mr Ben's - how cool is that name for a fancy dress shop?
**lazygirl. always. dam her!! haha

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