Friday, September 01, 2006

80 minutes of pure pop nostalgia

i'm going to my friend's house warming party on Saturday and she asked a few people to make cds to play on the night, brilliant!

i'm still a little bit in denial about tapes being the format of yesterday* but now i have my own puter at least i can partake in these homemade cd things if i want to!

i dusted off some old cds and set about creating a playlist for Saturday night, i think you'll be impressed to know i managed to get 23 tracks on including:
Adam Ant's Prince Charming AND Stand and Deliver! hehe
a bit of Kylie, Justin and Magde, good stuff!

i don't mind telling you i suffered for my art, i got a really bad crick in the neck after leaning over my puter screen for a coupld of hours, but i feel it was worth it just to see my pals face on Saturday when she hears "C'mon stop, collaborate and listen..." hehe (yes really! i make brilliant party cds!)

it did occur to me that i'd really love to have proper vinyl mixing skills, decks, the works, me and my pal clare wanted to start our own mobile disco wearing roller skates! haha, maybe when were having our midlife crisis...

for your very own jodester party cd please send details of your event to...

*i must be the only person in the western world who was dismayed my new car had a cd player instead of a tape player - i'd made quite a retro collection up soley from char shop finds!

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