Wednesday, September 27, 2006

bad drivers

i had to drive to Liverpool and back yesterday for a meeting.

there was an accident at the end of the M62 and the signs clearly diverted the traffic to one lane and suggested 50mph about 2 miles before the accident blocked the first two lanes to ease the traffic build up. logical.

but 'people' don't like to be told what to do on the roads. 'they' know better. 'they' are more important and in more of a hurry than the rest of us morons who actually take notice of traffic advice. so they drive all the way up to the accident and then cut into the queue now miles long.

cheeky b*stards!

god i hate bad drivers. they should have their licence revoked and be made to get the bus.
that'd learn them!

not long after this, i took an alternate route into Liverpool city centre cos the main artery from motorway to centre was obviously adversly affected by the traffic build up.
being local n all i figured i'd take the scenic route thanksverymuch, but since i'm not really au fait with lane detail over there i got myself into a situation where my lane didn't go much further than the lights.
so instead of matey next to me slowing down to let me in - he speeds up nearly causing a collision!
what was the f*cking hurry mate?!
i was clearly not speeding up in a boy racer - 'ha ha i'm in this lane because i want to beat the traffic' kinda way - i have a roof rack and animal print seats for crissakes!
but no - alpha male felt he somehow had to protect his lane or something.
then he had to let me in anyway cos i ran out of road and the nose of my car was in his way.
but it could've all been easily avoided by him just being the big man ' hey - i'll just NOT hit the gas pedal for one second while this person gets in lane'. easy.

bad drivers are a danger to society!
they put normal nice people like me in a bad mood creating bad vibes and probly adding to global warming...

i heard on the news last week they want to make it mandatory to have been learning to drive for a year before you get your licence - good idea.
how about mandatory having to re-sit your test every 5 years too?!
and stop making cars that go over 70mph while you're at it!
why have the car companies manufactured cars that go 180 mph when there's nowhere they can legally go that fast?!
then they're NOT to blame for speeding motorists! just like they're not to blame for global warming...

insane. this world is insane!

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