Thursday, September 14, 2006

i kissed the hoff!

and he said he'd waited 20 years for it! haha, i'm quoting out of context of course but the comment he made was so close to the event of us having a special moment that i claimed it! haha

let me start at the beginning dear readers...
David 'the Hoff' Hasselhoff was in Manchester for a book signing day.
i took the afternoon 'hoff' work to meet* him!

we were told he was doing an iv** at channel m where my mate Fallon works so we stuck our head round the door of the bookstore he was doing lunchtime signings.
there weren't many people at this bookstore. this is important to remember for later.
we took a pic from afar and then trotted off to channel m very excited at the prospect of meeting him up close and personal!

the channel m iv was postponed due to papparazzi issues and moved to the trafford centre.

ruined ruined ruined!

so off we went to book store number 2 and with over an hour to wait the queue was already MASSIVE!!!!!! argh! what the blazes? why didn't we go to bookstore 1?? why why why??!

we sat and moped for about 5 minutes - then bit the bullet and joined the huge queue to meet the Hoff.

2 hours later we spent 10 seconds with a very tired but twinkly David Hasselhoff and i got aforementioned kiss. i said 'Goodness me David, we've waited ages!' and he said 'I've waited 20 years to be here!' ah bless - he's such a hippy!

i'd like to meet him properly of course and then he could fall in love with me and whisk me away to California for fun in the sun... but we'll always have WHSmiths... admittedly it's not quite Paris but i think it's all i'm gonna get! haha

went back to my friend Ruth's house and had a proper Hoff comedown - after all the excitment of the day i was physically and emotionally exhausted! haha

Hoff, if you read this - and i know you like to check your internet presence so you can turn it into pounds - if you want to do lunch sometime i'm your girl! haha

*meet/stalk - it's a matter of opinion really!
**interview - TV speak y'know...

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