Thursday, November 30, 2006

new shoes

went to another paolo nutini gig last night - he is ace!

his audience are such an upbeat crowd too - every gig people sing along in good spirits - the only thing i didn't understand was the inbetween song banter - the glaswegian accent is almost impossible to translate! he should have subtitles up on a big screen behind him, haha

in fact thats the second time i've thought virtual subtitles would be really handy. i was at a client meeting and the fellas we were chatting to were from Korea. they broke off during our meeting to chat indepth about the topic of the meeting leaving me and my collegaue to only imagine what it was they were talking about. i smiled to myself imagining virtual subtitles had popped up to help out. can we invent them and then retire on the proceeds?*

i also love that babelfish website - you put in any words in a long list of languages and it's translated for you! brilliant. the tower of babel in yo face! i think i wanna learn Japanese. i think because Jonathan Ross likes Japan, but also cos it seems such a cool thing to do - speaking Japanese dude! new year, new hobbies!

i bought a new pair of shoes today from New Look on impulse. they're green wedges and they're so pretty! i'm gonna wear them tonight when i go to a new club in Manchester called Birdcage. it's gonna be wild! and on a school night, have you ever heard anything like it?!

*we being anyone who wants to do the techie bit cos i already had the idea yeah? my work is done! haha

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G.S. said...

I had four "blokes" from Scotland in my taxi the other night and couldn't understand a damn word they were saying. Could have used subtitles myself!