Thursday, May 31, 2007

the words you say..

...and the order in which you use them are your most powerful tools in advertising.

some sales guru dude called Dave Giffard told me that, one sunny day in Glasgow 2003. i think you could apply the same rule to your life really, but if you talked about it in the pub you might get a slap from one of your mates, haha, but certainly its true that the words we use are important to a blogger like me...

so today while just casually using the phrase 'my production team are on tenterhoooks waiting for that signed script' i thought - what the heck does that mean?! i was just being jovial, a polite reminder with a smile to my client, but when i asked in the office none of us knew what it meant and in fact we discussed whether is was infact 'tenderhooks'*

we use so many everyday phrases that are seeped in history and yet are so far removed from the culture in which they evolved, they now seem bizarre and removed from the assumed meaning...

so i did what any right minded citizen might! i googled it! what a wonderful tool the information superhighway is!

not only am i one click from a toaster that is also a radio - you heard right people - and its my birthday soon so... haha

but if you, like i was earlier today, are interested to know why on earth people say they're on 'tenterhooks' click here!

*if you've clicked you'll see that i was right with 'tenter'... hehe

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