Friday, October 05, 2007

butler's in the buff

last night i won a £200 shopping spree courtesy of the arndale shopping centre! woo! get me!
and i saw strange men's bums!

at some fashion show last night for themagazine, they had butler's in the buff (they covered their manbits with little aprons reader, just so you know there were no danglies on sight!) and dudes giving hand massages while a few models showed the latest outfits for the office chicks of the world...

then there was a prize draw and i won a shopping spree with a personal shopper! brilliant! like a dream prize! i haven't booked it in the diary yet but i'm well excited!

it was well weird these almost naked dudes wandering around tho - i'm not one for seeing people earning a living doing stuff they'd rather not, but there's no doubt i couldn't help but giggle in delight at seeing some poor geezer's bum as he walked off...

in fact the very same naked butler gave my prize draw a lucky touch - cos who do you know that actually wins stuff?! haha brilliant! my lucky butler...

but who grows up thinking 'when i grow up i'm gonna hang out naked with strangers'?! i mean seriously, its all a bit Roman empire for my liking! i don't know, maybe if i had a perfect bod i'd want a job where i got it out all the time! haha

turns out our new friend 'steve' lives near me and my friend from work, so we may bump into him down the local supermarket - but will we recognise him with his clothes on?! haha

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