Friday, October 19, 2007

happy shopper

It's not often you get to use the phrase 'can't smile wide enough' and really mean it!

But that's what you would have heard yesterday if you saw me at Manchester's Arndale shopping centre with someone elses money to spend! haha

How nice it is to be pampered! 'This is how the other half live' I thought in my private dressing room with people running around getting me jewelry and hangbags to match a wide variety of frocks! haha

I shopped with a lovely lady called Debbie and my friend Clare for around 3 hours, only finding the perfect frocks in the last store, of course...

And I even got a glass of much deserved champers at the Manchester Comedy Festival launch party straight afters! get me with the rocknroll lifestyle! haha

It's amazing to me what a buzz a good shopping spree can give a girl! I guess I tend to avoid going shopping therefore aviding spending money i don't got - but since yesterday's spree was free it was the best kind! hurrah!

It's given me a fix tho and like any junkie worth writing about it's given me a taste again for those days when I spent on the plastic and didn't look back! haha them days are over!

But golly shopping is so wonderful - not even wearing the stuff afters comes close! Except maybe with shoes... but then i can never walk in the shoes i buy so they end up pretty in the box forever... ridiculous i know...

I guess my style just doesn't match my budget. pah!

but while my shopping high lasts I'll try to just enjoy it and hide my credit card...

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