Friday, October 05, 2007

my favourite mug

my favourite mug in the office mug cupboard used to be the united airlines heat sensitive mug, when you put the tea in it changed the colour of the map of the united states, brilliant! a warm drink and entertainment! now that's value for money!

but fickle as i am, when i realised i could get more tea in one sitting in the slightly bigger mugs i moved on! haha

now my favourite mug is probably a solicitor's rebrand mug - its got a nice blue sweep of colour and is the required size... but i try not to get to attached, after all its a free for all in there every morning!

while at the kettle earlier today one of the girls looked for the favourite mug of another girl, and it made me smile because i do the same thing! my boss has his chelsea FC mug, another girl has one with a fairycake on and my deskbuddy likes the one with a cartoon cat on the side...
i think its really cute when a person gets attached to an inanimate object!

but then my bedroom is full of junk that i'm sentimentally attached to and frankly i wish i wasn't!

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