Friday, October 12, 2007

TFI Friday!

Went to a charidee fashion show last night and had much fun! But since I'm over 30 having to get up for work the next day doesn't suit me no more... haha so it's been a slow day...

The theme for participants from the media agencies attending was Music from the Movies and we were treated to songs and performances from the Blues Brothers, Singing in the Rain, Pulp Fiction and Grease, oh and Moulin Rouge but gosh let's not go there...

The best for me was the Pulp Fiction since it was a chappy playing Mrs Mia Wallace and the twist contest was re-enacted! Brilliant! But the Grease pair got extra points from me for attention to detail... they got the 'One that you Want' head-bobs just right in my humble opinion! haha

Often events like this can be dull but with all the apparent effort put in by so many it was hard not to smile all evening... or was is the vino making me smile?! haha

I won another prize draw! haha This time a meal at the hardrock cafe - and why not! i reckon i better play the lotto this weekend, this lucky streak feels good!

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