Friday, October 05, 2007

the mean Boots lady made me cry

yesterday i had a very unpleasant experience at Boots the chemist!

i know! i couldn't believe it either!

i'm being quite philosophical about it now, assuming the mean lady in question must've had a bad day and i was in the wrong place at the wrong time - but that's what they say about most murder victims and we don't forgive those guys for it hey?! haha

what happened was i bought an eyeshadow (greenglimmer, thanks for asking) the day before and it wasn't until i got it home that i realised it was - and i believe this is a technical retail term - soiled goods! nothing too serious, i wasn't desperate to try out my new colour so i just took it back... i figured it would be a 30second conversation, i even found a replacement eyeshadow before going to the till to make it easier for everyone! so much for that!

sourface seemed a little vexed at the couple in front of me - who strangely enough were also returning something - so when i made it to her till i was for it! i explained i'd bought the item the day before that it was soiled with a stranger's fingermarks and that i simply wanted a replacement. it was at this point my lunchhour took a turn for the worse.

"do you have a receipt" she asked, eyeing me i can only presume with suspicion, like i was trying to get one over on her... but why would i take back something to swap for the same thing for my own ill gain? how would that work?!
i explained that no, i had thrown it away already, but that i didn't need one as the item was soiled (i didn't shop for the last 17 years without finding out my returns rights! haha i am a girl after all and sometimes we buy on impulse...)
she responded to this statement, delivered a matter-of-factly, like i'd just told her she didn't know her own name... "yes, you DO need a receipt" with an aggressive tone only an idiot who didn't know anything could use... like if she said it in such a way it became true, haha
i replied calmly that i didn't want to argue about it "i'm not going to argue with you about it" she snapped back, at this point i was genuinely confused as to how the 30second conversation i'd anticipated had turned into such a personal argument!
before i could ask for a manager, the mean lady told me she would have to 'get advice' this confirmed to me she knew nothing! she wandered off looking for a floor manager and i smiled at the lady behind me in the queue and rolled my eyes, 'how friendly they are here' i commented and she smiled back in agreement...
ages later (about 4 minutes) she wanders back and says "you DO need a receipt, but we'll do it for you this once" - take note reader the old bag didn't maintain eye contact quite so confidently as she had earlier in our exchange!
i refrained from educating her about my consumer rights and how she was talking out her illeducated a*se and refused to speak to her, took my new eyeshadow and left... but as i left the store i felt stung!

i hadn't done anything wrong! and this woman, who ironically had actually served me the day before to sell me the item i returned so promptly, was having a bad day and took it out on me!

i took the address of the company head office from another counter with a mind to complain about my hideous experience. even though i knew i probably wouldn't bother. my man called me while i was in the middle of the exchange so i called him back and there's something about someone asking what's wrong? when you're upset that makes the tears flow!

oh i certainly felt silly for crying about the mean lady from Boots but i guess its cos when someone is rude and you don't expect it, it shocks you... so they were tears of shock not real emotional pain! haha, i'm not THAT soft!

i haven't complained as yet... my blog is surely therapy enough! but i thought it a big enough story in my week to write about so there you go... and the greenglimmer?
i busted that out last night and its gorgeous!

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