Tuesday, October 30, 2007

shouldn't have to

the clocks went back this weekend and frankly i've got jetlag - either that or I'm suffering the longest ever hangover! whichever it is i ain't feeling hot!

it's so quaint that we mess with our clocks in blighty - so farmer giles... you'd think we'd have outgrown it with the industrial revolution but people don't like change hey? haha

all this talk of the time reminds me of
this amazing website - i can't remember who first showed me it but i've kept a note of it ever since... it's quite hypnotic really... or is that just me?! haha

i think at around this time of year all brits should be allowed to fly south for the winter, i just go into hibernation mode when it gets cold... what did cave folk used to do in winter? i guess there's the upside to all this and that's my large collection of hats gets an airing! haha i've always been a fan of headgear and frankly it keeps the heat in - perfect for the practical but stylish girl in all of us! haha

i think this blog has become quite distracted... that's the jetlag talking, see what i did there? a callback! get me - until the next time reader... x

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