Wednesday, November 28, 2007

boom boom shake shake the room

so its all happening this week - can't get five minutes to myself!

and in between it all i catch myself off guard and get a lump in my throat about my gran...
i'm trying to get on with things - i'm practical that way, but i guess Sunday/ Monday at the funeral is the time i'll have to catch up with myself and let the news sink in properly...

we all have to go sometime of this i am well aware, but it doesn't make it any less of a shock to the system.. a reminder of how short our time is and that we should use it wisely!

i'm looking 33 in the face come June 08 and what have i got to show for all those years apart from a handful of blogs?! haha don't worry, i'm not being too hard on myself, i had my twenties to do that in, but you still should make an effort to make the most of yourself and your life and i think for me 2008 is going to be taking it up a notch...

time to change gear, make it happen, upgrade! haha and any other business like term you want to use as an analogy to making your life taste bettter!

less TV and more books i think is an easy one, i'm going back to basics (and i do have all those unread ones to get thru, so again i'm being practical...)

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