Monday, November 19, 2007

a startling discovery

i saw a Led Zeppelin tribute band play live Friday night in Birmingham!

Led by Zeppelin rocked my world! haha whole lotta love was a dream, dazed and confused was fab, and generally they did a very good job of playing the hits!

i reckon it must be loads of fun being in a tribute band.. the people you play to want to hear the songs they love, and presumably you're in the band cos you love the songs people want to hear! its a win win situation!

i spose the only downside to impersonating someone else in any job means that you are piggybacking on someone else's talent, but even tho you don't play your own songs in a tribute band, if you don't work the crowd no-one will have a good time!

its good to see that Led by Zeppelin have taken their role as substitue rock gods quite seriously - including wigs haha - cos they really went for it...

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