Thursday, November 01, 2007

too many books

not enough time to read them, money to buy them, shelves to put them on...

i have always loved books me... can't remember not being a book worm... it's a bit of a storage nightmare tho especially in grown up times, lugging them from rented place to rented place, leaving them in storage to get mouldy, it's not good!

today i went to my local char shop for a browse to cheer myself up in the face of a rubbish cold creeping up on me and bought a book called Lost In Music by Giles Smith.. Now i have many many many books in my collection that i am yet to read, so why i thought spending £2 on this one would help me next time i move house i don't know... but i couldn't resist!

when i was younger i loved the library, went every week, and this is where i obviously went wrong - i stopped lending books and started buying them! how ridiculous! i need to get back into libraries - but i guess the deadline on reading them becomes an issue - but maybe thats what i need! a deadline to get stuff read or it just sits there gathering dust merely looking like a good read, never actually becoming one!
I'm denying these books of their very reason for existence! what a horror i am! hehe
my mum has oft said i have enough books for my own library - i protest, surely there's only enough for a Jodester Wing.. or perhaps one of those Mobile Library Buses! haha, I could have a Caravan Library...oh my god! that would be amazing! forget the garden shed - when i get my own place i'm getting a mobile library in the garden! hehe

i have an exhaustive love of the book! my dad likes to tell the story of how i returned home one day with piles of books from a second hand shop in Liverpool that had a sale on - as many as you can carry for a £1! you read that rght! as many as you can carry for just one pound! now that's what i call a challenge! i can't say i've read one of them! haha tho i was very happy with the Kojak paperbacks..

but it's obviously a compulsion! which is why i prefer char shops for books cos the local Waterstones store is a nightmare for my bank account! new books smell nicer! do you think they've put a chemical in the printing presses to make people feel compelled to buy more books? there they are - all piled up saying 'hey, fancy spending a few happy hours with me?!'

so if you ever wonder what to get me for a gift dear blog reader, a book will always be welcome! haha i may not read it straight away, but i'll always enjoy receiving it and putting it in the jodester library...

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