Friday, November 16, 2007

creature comforts

TOP5 Creature Comforts!

I've been poorly this week, bad head, bad tummy, bad you don't wanna know! haha So i have been indulging in my favourite creature comforts hence the topic for this week...

5 hot water bottle - on the sofa, in bed, very good hug replacement...

4 tea and toast - can't be beat for comfort eating

3 daytime tv - love that mindless drivel!

2 macaroni in celery soup - my favourite recipe from my mum and a great feel-better meal, don't turn your nose up til you tried it! haha

1 hugs! (ideally from mum, but geography didn't permit this week... ruined!)

a side effect of being poorly at work is a general grumpiness, i know i'm not well if i'm grumpy and i don't care who knows it! haha i'm a pretty upbeat chick most of the time! but since they can't get anyone to cover my work i had to go in while feeling crappy and hey, does everybody know about it! haha

i don't envy my boss today with this sourface on... but thems the heady heights of being the boss right?! at least it's Friday and we all get a coupla days off anytime soon...

and hey! any recommends for the Top5 Creature Comforts welcome!

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