Friday, November 23, 2007

think happy thoughts

this week's Top 5 is dedicated to my recently-departed gran Mary...

it's always very sad when you lose a close family member as I have this week, and you can't help but take stock of your life and think how much you'll miss that person...

but i want to celebrate my gran's life by writing about my favourite memories of her

5 her lovely home made cakes and jam
4 sitting in her car on the beachfront drinking tea from a flask and nibbling on aforementioned cakes!
3 going on long walks through beautiful Dorset countryside and discovering where Enid Blyton lived, ginger beer? yes please!
2 playing scrabble together and doing crosswords with a dictionary on hand
1 Christmas '83 at gran's house receiving a wonder woman outfit and wearing it all day

i feel a bit guilty that i didn't visit her more often, yes she lived 6 hours away but should i have made more of an effort? i did write often though, sending cheerful cards and updates on my life, jobs, boyfriends..

now she's gone it's a shame... but she had a long life and hopefully knew we loved her

if you've read this and haven't seen someone you love in a while why not give them a call, write them a letter, heck get on a train and go see them... life's too short to miss out on the little things like scrabble and tea with someone you love : )

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G.S. said...

What a beautiful tribute and some very sage advice, Jodester. Thank you.