Thursday, November 08, 2007

this is a belter

saw The Stereophonics live this week in Manchester and they rocked it!
i've always thought the 'phonics okay but live they really gave it some! you could really tell why they have lasted the distance...
they were supported by the Enemy, a new band from Coventry my friend is friends with so we went for drinks after the show at Mojo and i chatted to them about how i really need to join a band next year!
obviously i need to be a better guitar player if this is going to happen - but how can i get better without a band to practice in! my mate B should get on the drums she'd be wild, then we'd only need another guitarist and fanny's your aunt! rock n roll - let's go on tour! haha
but i felt really inspired seeing some seasoned players working the big stage... watch this space! i'll rock your world one day me! hehe

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