Friday, November 02, 2007

new friday feature

some people would say they're the best day of the week. they are certainly often the best day of the traditional working week, being the end of it... i'm a big fan of sundays personally. tho they're slightly ruined by the sunday evening, back to work eve etc, but mosty they're pretty chilled. unless you work on sundays, in which case man that's worse than working mondays! haha

anyways, i've decided to do a Friday Top 5 feature. every Friday, a different Top 5 topic and you dear blog reader can take part! send in your Top 5 for the topic of the week! blogging is interactive baby!

let's start with a bang! my first Top 5 is Beatles Songs... an impossible task i hear you cry! haha
and it indeed it will be difficult, cos no sooner than i have chosen the fab five (see what i did there, hehe) i'll have thought of another top tune from the lads wot rocked the world...

but here goes:

5 Girl (1965)

4 Rain (1966)

3 Paperback Writer (1966)

2 Daytripper (1965)

1 If I fell (1964)

now this ain't fixed in stone. such a topic couldn't be - let's do it again next November?! haha and FYI: solo songs don't count! that's anohter four Top 5's right there! haha

i met Paul McCartney once, backstage at a Madness gig in Brighton (thanks L)... i nearly died from excitment - how very boring of me! But he's a Beatle! i couldn't help it, their tunes frickn rule!!!

if you have any topics you'd like to see featured in the Friday Top 5 drop me a line! And don't keep it simple with music and books, how about your Top 5 taxi journeys (how about that GS!) or your Top 5 parks! Let's get creative here!

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G.S. said...

5) Old Brown Shoe
4) While My Guitar Gently Weeps
3) Because
2) Across The Universe
1) Penny Lane

Top 5 taxi rides? Bring it on!