Friday, November 09, 2007

keep off the grass

this week's Top 5 is parks. how do you rate them? childhood memories have to rate highly cos your favourite park as a child got a lot of action! but then as a grown up parks can be romantic, great for a birthday picnic, or simply a ming clearing stroll! big up for parks! i may be a city girl but i happen to have great affection for trees, in fact i really like forests but they don't count right, a park is a park and a forest is a place where robin hood might hang out with his merry men!

here's my Top 5 Parks
5 Endcliffe Park, Sheffield
4 Branksome Park, Poole
3 Central Park, New York
2 Regent's Park, London
1 Sefton Park, Liverpool

you can't just beat childhood park memories like the summer music fest, bonfire night, looking for conkers, a million sunday walks with mum over to grandad's house... Sefton Park will always make me smile...

manchester is sadly lacking when it comes to parks in my humble opinion... its bad enough being inland with only a murky canal to keep my waterloving inclinations at bay, but the lack of trees is just plain misguided! the one thing you can say about liverpool is it does good trees... i guess manchester prided itself on being the great industrial city of the north and didn't think trees matched that image! and we do have the gorgeous peak district on the outskirts... but i reckon you can't beat an inner city park (see 1,2,3 in my Top 5!)

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