Thursday, November 15, 2007

clearing some head space

it's odd how clearing out boxes of old paperwork, magazines and general crap can make your head seem clearer!

i mean how many years of bank statements exactly should you keep?! haha i made a paper mountain this week as i cleared out some old bills and wotnot... the local doctor's surgery will be getting a sackload of old girlie magazines for poorly people to read in the waiting room very soon!

i've also vowed not to buy another book until i've read all the ones i've got! haha, i've promised myself this before but i've never been abe to resist the latest tomes on offer...

i also discovered i need not buy another notebook for about 10 years! haha being of a writerly disposition i've always been partial to a nice bit of stationary and often have a notebook with me to jot down ideas.. but i also put them in a draw and forget about them only to find them again once i've replaced them 5 times over! haha my favourite author Paul auster wrote a book called The Brooklyn Follies about a dude who found the best notebooks ever in a mysterious bookshop - so i ain't the only one with a paper fetish! haha and a lecturer i had at university called Jon James also had a soft spot for a nice pen and pad for his thoughts... my mum, having noticed by collection no doubt, once bought me a lovely notebook with a velvette cover. but so intimidated was i by the gorgeousness of the book i couldn't write in it! now that's not normal, but that's what happened! i wasn't worthy of my notebook!

so no more books and no more notebooks til the surplus is done with! that could take some time haha, and what about photographs? you know, that old fashioned concept of actual hard copies of snaps... i have a tonne of them - not all worth keeping but who has the time to sift through?!

oh life's baggage, it can weigh you down, quite literally!

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