Sunday, June 18, 2006

and another thing...

Sir Paul Mccartney is 64 today.

whatever went on with heather mills you gotta ask couldn't she see the irony of a lonely old Macca at 64 given 'that song'.

i think it would be nice to be a doddery old couple. but i guess that was the problem. Macca didn't consider himself 'doddery' at 60 and bagged himself a twinkie*

and i won't know how it feels to be 60 for another 30 years but i hope i'm not as silly as to want to hang out with 40 year olds in the hope their 'youth' will rub off on me. but i'm sure heather was only too pleased for a former Beatle to take an interest. they really probably had a go at it and then realised they got married before they really knew each other. they were still in the honeymoon period when romantic old Macca popped the question. C'mon, he is soooo romantic, have you heard 'Things we said today'?!

i like Macca. when i was a young lass in Liverpool i went to John Lennon's old school so i guess that gave me more of a leaning towards the Lennon factor of the Beatles, y'know, 'He's just like me! I bet he bunked off Double Maths too!' that sort of thing.

but later i heard about the alleged wife beating, nasty druggie behaviour, neglecting poor old julian in favour of hanging out with crazy yoko and i kinda felt maybe Paul wasn't so bad after all. yeah he lived with Jane Asher, but he was a Veggie and did you see the cover of the first solo album? what a big softie! and he said my Aunty Tina was a 'great girl' when i met him backstage at a Madness gig in Brighton a few years ago**

i read a book written about Paul called The Long and Winding Road by Barry Miles and really enjoyed it - that's how i know about Jane Asher - he even gave insight to how he got started writing songs and it sounded so easy i tried myself! those classics are now in storage forever, haha. But he had a tough deal being The Nice Beatle against Lennon's 'difficult childhood' persona. and what's so wrong with being nice anyways?! surely it's something to aspire to?!

Let's bring back 'nice'! I want people to mostly say about me that i am 'nice'. Yes i am other things, but surely in this hard, cold world being nice is something to be proud of! haha***

And then there's Ringo. But that's another blog.****

Well Sir Paul, Happy Birthday you old swinger, don't ever put down your guitar because you are very clearly loving it!

*The One where Richard has a Twinkie
**This was a very exciting moment in my life - little pleb that i am shook the hand of musical genius!
***See how i laugh, but i am very serious in this campaign. It's good to be nice!
****It's been said, somewhat controversially, that Ringo is the reason The Beatles got so big!

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