Sunday, June 25, 2006

homemade brownies

this weekend i went to London town and i'm happy to report it was sunny and sociable! i only wish i had longer to see my friends for longer, but weekends by definition don't last long enough!

but if ever there was evidence of my organisational skills it was Saturday's picnic in the park! i orchestrated 4 different groups of people to turn up at a very random spot in Regent's Park - with beer - and was even presented with homemade brownies! i think i have a special gift for organising shindigs*
not that this is my vocation. that i'm still lacking. how disappointing for nobody to have suggested anything after all my blog-angst too!**

not to presume your personal viewing tastes but i'm going to assume you've seen an episode of the american sitcom Friends in the last 10 years... and also that maybe , you too have had the conversation about which character best reflects your own? i'm afraid that as well as being a brunette with freckles, i too have Monica's tidy-organised-thing going on... only it's my own way of maintaining control - creating order thru washing up! haha

but i'm not alone. plenty of creative people can't exist in chaos. there will always be those who thrive in it. but i can't handle it. plus it gives me the perfect reason to procrastinate! whatever it is i should be doing can wait until i've dusted the tv, mowed the lawn etc...

i think i envy unorganised people a bit. only a bit mind - it mostly fills me with dread! haha but they seem to float thru life with so fewer worries than me! coasters. how do they do it? how can they just wait for things to be done for them? maybe i'm just too independent for me own good?

but if you need a party organising i'm ya girl!

FYI all the brownies are gone. and they tasted very very good.

*shindigs is a very cool name for a party don't you think? if i did become a professional events organiser i would definitely put Shindig Organiser on my business card! haha

**come on! you're being passive readers and that's soooo last century people! haha, let's get interactive!

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