Tuesday, June 13, 2006

soul searching part III

it's my birthday next week. the second longest day of the year. always second. dammit!

i like birthdays. and i really have never understood people who don't like birthdays.
cake. pressies. cocktails. birthday kisses.
what's not to like?!
you can never be too old to enjoy cake.
that must be why grannies love tea and cake so much - it reminds them of birthdays!

i guess that this annual event has made me a little introspective of late. it's a bit like new year really isn't it? because you can't help but think 'what was i doing this time last year?' and making comparisons whether good or bad.

i'm happy to report being 30 has been alright. feel the most secure in myself than ever before. ah maturity. haha
but y'know i'm not so bothered about being the shape i am. i'm not so shy about things i'm good at. i'm more confident in my opinions. essentially i can't have gotten to such a huge age (!) without learning somet!
well that's all we can hope!

so i'm arranging a birthday weekend in London to see my friends and perhaps the monkeys at London Zoo.

i like that London. i have lots of friends there and it's a nice place to visit. i used to live there and i'm taking my boyf to meet some of my friends for the first time! which is so cool! i'm very excited.

and so i should be - it's going to be my birthday!

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