Thursday, June 22, 2006

witty quotes

so tired!

was up late drinking* and am in serious need of a power nap!

i saw my friend mark who lives in Barcelona recently, on one of his bi-annual trips to ol' blighty. we met in a favourite drinking hole in liverpool called the jacaranda many years ago - possibly as many as 5 years ago? i'm afraid there's been too much vodka** since then to accurately establish the exact amount of years...

i was with my pal kc and some chaps and a book of witty quotes. no really. that's the sort of nonsense i get up to! Reading. In pubs. The fun never stops! haha
anyways the large booth seating in this particualr establishment lends itself easily to meeting new people and Mark with his pal Amelia and some other chap who's name i can never remember were interested in finding out just how witty these particular quotes were. And so blossomed a beautiful friendship! haha

i am very good at meeting new people. i rather enjoy it. upon finding myself in situations where it's difficult to meet new people i feel a bit stifled actually. i think i'm what they call a 'people person'***

there i go again sounding like a miss world entrant...

i think the moral of this story is to go to pubs in liverpool. i always meet new people in pubs in liverpool. we're just a chatty lot us scousers!

*see previous blog entry (i can't bear to look!)

**my tipple of choice - last night it was the polish bison grass vodka with apple juice, this weekend i will be taking a trip down memory lane (where?) (see what i did there?! haha) and having vokda, lime and soda, once coined a 'jodie lime and soda' by my friend emma, such was the frequency it went down my neck in 2000/01

***tho this sounds hideous! haha

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