Tuesday, June 20, 2006

young professional seeks large double room

i am looking for somewhere new to live at the moment.

i am trying to find a house-share cos i can't afford a place of my own but i don't want to be the only person who cleans the bathroom!

you'd think it would be easy enough!

i went to see a place this week (i won't name and shame!) and the girl had squeezed three bedrooms where there should only be two - it was a good size room for sure but the girl had one of those baby voices* and a limp handshake.
what is the point in a limp handshake? if you're not into shaking hands why offer your hand at all? and what's wrong with you if you don't know how to shake hands anyways?! it doesn't seem cricket to proffer a limp wrist!
so it was also described as being just 10 minutes from a lively town - not within sight you understand - these are minutes plucked out of the air to make her ad sound good and waste my time looking at a place deep in suburbia! pah!
sufficient to say i won't be moving in there!

somehow i may find a place that suits my requirements and isn't inhabited by socially disfunctional sorts...


*baby voices are so irritating. you never hear a bloke sounding like an 8 year old do you? they can't be real! i refuse to accept it! it's not possible to really have a baby voice! it's only ever put on to evoke some kind of sympathetic reaction form normal folk. well it don't work with me girlfriend!

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