Tuesday, June 06, 2006

nice glass of beer after work

i'm a bit tipsy cos i went for a nice drinkie in the late afternoon sunshine with my friend Chris.

i got home and had a light dinner but man the beer makes gives you the munchies!

i had another dull day at the office but i read article in the guardian yesterday that if your job was dull, dull, dull either resign or do something about it. so writing copy for a business to business health and safety manual today i attempted to test this theory. so i've resigned. haha no i haven't! i tried to find something interesting about it...

nice that.

it was sunny today in manchester and if you know the region you'll know this is highly unusual. but i even wore a skirt today! it's such a shame tho cos as someone pointed out recently when i was b*tching about the weather, i complain about the lack of sun when it's raining and complain about the infrequency of the sun when it does come out! haha but talking about the weather is simply a very English thing to do!

right. i'm off to the kitchen to find some low fat munchies!

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