Sunday, June 11, 2006

too expensive eh?

well what a week. at least it's been nice and sunny.
found out that i'm possibly too expensive but as my boyf says - this is better than being considered cheap! haha

advertising's a funny old game.
i am now forever cynical regards anything tinged in marketing. i can sense the stench from a metorphorical mile away and it smells bad!
let's get topical. the world cup is a great example of how marketing and advertising ruin anything that is pure human endeavour.
i used to enjoy football. following my team and the national team on their way to various cups. it was fun cos anyone was in with a chance - dedication and skill the only criteria!
but then more and more money got involved and ruined it. the tv people wanted to move the game times so they could get more audience and then more money from advertising.

watching England this world cup has become ridiculous jingo-ism. corporation bosses gleefully rub their grubby paws together "ooh the plebs like football. lets put flag in the window and they might spend their hard earned cash in here!"
now i don't doubt that there are plenty of true footy fans enjoying the world cup but it's the band-wagon-jumping that gets my back up. i do not want to see an England flag in a bank window! how is that ever appropriate?!

it's like the most tenuous of tenuous links will be applied this summer in order to make you part with your cash in the name of English football! don't fall for it i tell you! for the love of all that is pure, don't buy that England mobile phone cover, those England flip flops, that England Anthems CD... none of it!

watch the game if you must with some pals and some none-world-cup-sponsoring-beer!
take the game back people!
rise up against the marketeers! - that's what they call themselves! like giving themselves a cool name akin to musketeers or something will make their jobs less sh*t??!

having said that i think i'm getting out of work early on Thursday so that the England fans can watch the next game in the pub - so it's not all bad news! haha

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