Monday, June 12, 2006

i just wanna do something... useful!

define useful though... therein lies my problem!

i am 31 a week on Thursday.

when i was 8 i wanted to be an actor*

when i was 11 i wanted to be an author.

when i was 13 i wanted to be someone else...

when i was 15 i wanted to be on the radio and did some hospital radio with my best friend Tequila**

when i was 17 i wanted to get laid.

when i was 19 i wanted to be a journalist.

when i was 21 i wanted to study linguistics forever because i thought it was so cool.

when i was 22 one of my lecturers told me that Freud would say i sucked my thumb because i missed my mother's nipple.
i called and told her about that lesson! haha

when i was 24 i was drunk for two years in London.

when i was 26 i lived in Brighton - the bestest ever place to live ever, with one of my bestest friends Vicky. Oh, and I got a job writing radio commercials.

when i was 27 and two thirds i met my lovely man. and was still writing radio commercials.

and when i was 30 i got a job writing advertising copy in a marketing agency posing as an advertising agency.


so what's next?! i like people. i like writing. i like radio. i like movies. i like reading. i like music. i like chocolate cake...

answers on a postcard to...

*i was way ahead of my time on that piece of political correctness
** its a girl not a bottle, honest!

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