Wednesday, June 21, 2006

it was the longest day

i literally put this blog title into my mobile phone as a reminder so taken was i with it.
what do you think about that?!

i am 31 today and i have been drinking with my mum, bro, friend clare and her man thomas.

mmm, vodka.

but now i have to pack a week's worth of clothes and undies and frankly i feel a little tipsy for the job!

i can always buy more undies along the way. there's always a place in one's knicker drawer for something new.

but choosing a wardrobe to get me to next wednesday is very serious! and i've been drinking polish vodka with apple juice!

did you know todaY is the longest day of the year? it would be cool to be at Stone Henge today - the summer solstice! but i have the second longest day to celebrate instead.. - i know it's pretty cool but y'know being next to the longest is so annoying! haha

it's my last day at work tomorrow before i start my new job. still writing ads but hey, no more catalogue letters right?!


i went to see some more places to live tonight - oh dear, not good! dirty! they were all so dirty! how do people live like that?! i'm pretty sure i probably lived like that as a student but not recently man... oh searching for a new gaff sucks!

so far for my birthday i have a guitar instruction book, a take that mug, an ipod nano* and a kt tunstall guitar book - all very cool!

i like birthdays : )

*it's so wee! how does it fit so may songs on?! how?!

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