Friday, June 30, 2006

i am a lady what lunches

cor, i could get used to a life of leisure!

this week off has gone to me head!

yesterday i did lunch with a friend and today i am doing lunch with some more friends! nice.

is there job that you just 'do lunch' professionally? i reckon i'd be good at that gig! haha

of course i am tres excited to be starting a new job (again) and meet lots of nice new people but everyone has a leisurely side to their personality and frankly i don't think it gets enough of a say! haha

i am even having a pedicure this arvo! get me! a flippn pedicure! haha, i've never had one before so it's quite exciting! i hope i don't giggle too much - i've got ticklish tootsies!

oh and i suppose i might squeeze in some shopping today too if i have to hehe - not that i have shopping money (giving myself a week off n all is very expensive!) but i have to get fallon a birthday pressie and the shops are such a bore on a saturday (as is dragging the man around them!)

don't worry tho, its not all been a walk in the park this week - i had to find someplace to live didn't i?
so i got proper hot and bothered looking round a load of dumps on Wednesday only to be saved by a really nice one in Didsbury that i have now secured by charming my new housemates with my nonsense! hurrah for me!

now what should i wear to lunch...?

must dash - very important decisions to make! hehe

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