Wednesday, August 30, 2006

feeling fuzzy

so saturday was just as busy as friday - we were determined to make the most of our weekend!

up at 12ish and off to get tickets for Simon Munnery's AGM.
on the way my bloke saw a picture of his mate Rob Deb's cheeky grin beaming out from a poster in a pub* window. we made a note to come back for his free lunchtime performance and headed onwards to the stand box office.
while there we got tickets for the late stand up show featuring Phil Nichol who we had seen the day before in Talk Radio. his own show the naked racist was sold out for the weekend so we were really pleased we'd be seeing him.

more guinness at Rob Deb's show.

Simon Munnery was wicked. he gave us the most memorable experience of all weekend. once the hour and a half show was over he took his audience up the road to have an outdoors AGM about thoughts members of the audience had put on pieces of paper and into a big bucket during the show. insane.
and so lovely a way to spend an hour! haha

we took a comedy break and went to see Paolo Nutini live at the Liquid Rooms. he did a cover of Gnarls Barkley's Crazy which was wicked!

i'd had enough guinness by now and had a seriously giddy tummy. so i think i switched to diet coke around now...

then onto the stand for our late night stand up. we arrived late at the venue after drinking with our pal Rob and had to sit at the front** but this only added to the evening's frivolity as the compere chatted to Nick about his job etc. we were loving it! haha
another great night, topped by finding out Phil Nichol had just won the fringe comedy award 'the eddies' and was very very drunk but on his way...
we got to meet him after the show and he was really nice and just so happy! bless him! haha
after a couple more drinks at the stand we went up to the pleasance for the free fringe party and got back to the hotel about 5am. blimey!
this was worrying only because had to check out the hotel Sunday morning...

all packed up we staggered to a lunchtime free show at the stand. two guys, Gary and someone, did improv'd sketches. they were really good fun. 'dogging commentary' stands out...
we'd managed to have a weekend of brilliant comedy at edinburgh without any timewasters! beginner's luck or sheer determination?! haha
we even ambled up to the local indie comic shop for my man to browse and me to chat to bored proprietor haha, very friendly too!

late afternoon we planned to go see the play the chick we met Friday night was in, but on arrival at the box office Robin Ince's Book Club caught Nick's eye and we went for that instead.
we saw a whole host of singing and dancing acts for this show, including Martin White singing Kate Bush with his accordian and a hungover best newcomer winner Josie Long, so it was a great way to end our festival experience.
we even toyed with sleeping rough to stay another night but i was knackered! physically and mentally exhausted!
so we just got some chips on the royal mile and got our train back to sheffield...

back to reality was a harsh lesson.
why couldn't all days be like a day at the edinburgh comedy festival?! haha
we are so going back for a week next year!

we experienced a proper comedy come down sunday and by monday we were plotting more comedy but in Manchester***, haha

i'm still feeling fuzzy from the comedy packed weekend but it was one of the best weekends EVER!

so it was all worth it!

*jekyl & hyde pub, hanover street. secret toilet doors that look like bookcases! brilliant!

** we really enjoy sitting at the front. people think this is insane but we like being a part of the laughter! haha

*** frog and bucket, beat the frog open mic night. it wasn't brilliant but it got us out the house...

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