Monday, October 02, 2006

bargain basement wonder woman

this weekend i was WonderWoman!

i had a WW oufit when i was eight years old and had a lot less issues with getting my thighs out back then...

my poor man was very stressed cos i was truly mortified for about 72 hours at the thought of going to a party with all my work collegaues dressed as a super hero in - let's face it - a pair of star spangled knickers!

but i'd committed and fought for the right to be WW so there was no backing out! i ain't no fancy dress p#ssy! i was most proud of my 75p homemade accessories, my crown was the best thing i've ever made - ever! haha

fancy dress parties shouldn't be so stressful, but i'm glad i went thru with it cos i had the beautiful experience of overhearing a bloke pronounce incredulously 'i just saw Wonder Woman' as i went past a doorway and knew he meant me! yay!

other news this weekend is Children of Men starring the very tasty Clive Owen is amazing! The book by PD James has been made into a film and frankly did not disappoint! i was gripped thru-out! my man was blown away and couldn't speak for the next hour! haha - go see it!

we also continued our patronage to the comedy night Giggle n Funk at the Zumeba on Friday, we're SO their favourite regulars! hehe

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