Monday, November 13, 2006

one in one out

those four little words that can ruin a very good night out!

went out on saturday night with my housemates and some buddies and started off at Mojo - a great rock n roll theme bar that plays wicked tunes and has reasonably chilled punters...

birthday girl insisted at midnight that we go to a club not far from the bar, even though by this time we'd thought Mojo was just fine and getting 8 people into a club at this time very impractical... ho hum, off we trooped politely only to face the tres dull 'one in one out' situation at said club.

ruined! we had a nice corner table at Mojo and frankly the night went downhill quickly when we stepped out into the Manchester rain!

then we had a fall out with a taxi driver trying to charge us £18 to go to the Northern Quarter (about a quarter of a mile away!) and decided to go to nearby Vodka Revolution as a quick fix.

that's what happens when people go to clubs. it ruins things. a nice noisy bar will do and they don't charge you stupid money to get in or make you queue!

clubs are rubbish! they're so 90s! with the late licences bars and pubs can get now, they're surely becoming obselete... people know the price of booze shoots up once you step thru those hallowed doors!
they really need to box clever and drop the door and booze tax to get anywhere near the amount of punters they used to get...

but social trends don't normally filter down to everyday business for a few years so they'll probly just go out of business and some investor will turn them into fancy apartments like the Hacienda apartments in Manchester.

but saying all that my housemate wanted to go on Saturday so maybe it's just me who doesn't appreciate having to pay over the odds to dance in a darkened room of a weekend! haha
i did just hear about a new Rollerdisco night in Manchester tho - i am so there!

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