Thursday, November 02, 2006

everybody else is doing it

my friends Anthony & Julia are getting married!
i'll have to get them one of those windscreen stickers for the car Tony & Jules ; ) haha

i guess it happens to everyone like this but people i know seem to be getting married a lot lately, which makes you think why aren't i getting married?!*

the reason of course is obvious that it isn't time to get married yet! but still you can't help but compare yourself to others when it comes to these things.

which is rubbish cos everyone in every circumstance is different.

fortunately for my man when i was a kid i never imagined being married with kids, i imagined being single with 3 Labradour dogs! haha, the spinster on the hill who writes childrens books! how very Enid Blyton! so if he NEVER asks me** i still have my dream! haha

infact i even have a back up spinster dream... my friend Kate has promised to be my old bird buddy with bunk beds who goes on cruises with me! haha, so i'm sorted t.y.v.m.!

but i do like going to weddings. they're so optimistic! the stats are stacked against you baby but i'm gonna marry you anyway! swoon!

well congrats to my buddies A&J, even tho you've thrown me into an existential trauma i'm very chuffed for you! looking fwd to the party - can i do the disco?! ; )

*cue one quaking NM! haha

**he says, rather romantically, i'm only getting up the aisle if i'm up the duff! charmed i'm sure!
i can hear it now:
'mummy why aren't you and daddy married?'
'well daddy never asked mummy and now mummy won't marry daddy on principle' haha

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