Thursday, November 16, 2006

define me

human beans love to be defined...

be it wild child or stay at home girl people like to know who they are and how they're perceived by others. which is why i took part in this survey my boyf brought to my attention on his blog.

according to this quiz i am a Life Blogger and he is a Pundit Blogger.

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

this means he cares about his hit counter whereas i leave him to worry about mine. i am genuinely surprised when someone says they've read my blog. i love to write it and of course it would be really rubbish if nobody actually read it cos i want people to enjoy reading it as i enjoy reading other peoples but there ends the interest. ask my man any day of the week how many hits he's on and he'll tell you down to the location of the server! haha

i love that picture too, that's me that is, leisurely 'pleasure' blogging haha

i tell my friends to blog. they largely haven't yet but my friend Kate is a space waitress* and her day to day life would make for excellent reading. i imagine it would read like ' today there was a right bore in first class who spoke to me like i was his servant. i explained that if the plane crashed i would be the one saving his life and he didn't say a word the rest of the journey'**
my other friend Chris should blog. he's a writer like me and would really enjoy it once he got into it. i remember when i first did it and it felt silly, selfindulgent and worthless***. now i don't care that it may be any of those things and genuinely enjoy writing about my little life.

i tell every cabbie who'll listen to blog - i love cabbie blogs like this one and this one - they meet so many people and have so many weird experiences, what's not to write about?! haha

when i started to blog my man gave me advice about not being too keen on it being 'good'. we are all our own worst critics after all. if we over edit ourselves in life, in a blog it is more obvious. just write and hit publish. some will be better than others, just do it and enjoy it.

if anyone has any favourite blogs for me to read please let me know!

i love blogs!

*i am tres jeslous of her jetset lifestyle!
**she told me this story herself once - with more detail of course - and what a great story! i want more! haha

***my blog was even a secret blog to begin with!

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Nicholarse said...

Ha ha! Don't worry about it being any good! Sums up a few of my blog entries!