Thursday, November 23, 2006

i blog, therefore i am

i am not hooked up to the world wide web at home.

i was supposed to be but my landlord hoodwinked me.

i have too much stuff to move before next summer so offline i will be for the forseeable future.

so i blog at work when i get 10 minutes. doesn't interfere with my work and i have aquired a healthy addiction now, in so much as, if i don't blog, i miss it!

so imagine my dismay at a new IT policy being handed round to sign. you may not use the world wide web for personal use.


that is what happens when one person abuses a perk at work!
some loser, one time, in darkest peru or somewhere equally dingy, downloaded some naughty pics of a lady doing rudey with an Alsation and BAM* the bean counters say
'oh no no no, we'll have to nip that in the bud. what a bunch of perverts we employ! let's take away yet another small pleasure for the wage slaves'
and TADA* a new IT policy!

how am i going to do my online hassle free christmas shopping now?! hmm? haha

it's safe to say i am livid...

so if you never hear from me again - you know why!

*do you think it's normal to add soundeffects to your blog - or is it just cos i is a radio copywriter?! haha

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