Tuesday, November 07, 2006

nightcap anyone?

well now the poor bloke from npower or somelike today got hisself into hot water for telling folk to put socks on in bed and wear a hat to keep warm this winter... er, welcome to my world?!
then i heard him on national radio defending hisself by saying poor families lived in badly insultaed homes and couldn't afford too much heating... er, i wasn't aware i was in either!

a hat in bed is not a good look! but it does work! you lose most of your bodyheat through your head. fact! i have a large collection of hats! haha
i also suffer at this time of year from cold feet in bed and with a wayward yorkshire based boyf nobody to heat them up on so socks it is! works a treat!

what i can't understand is some people's denial of the season. one of the chicks i live with insists on going around barefoot - on our cold floorboards - and then complains it's too cold!

we play a little game everyday where she pushed the thermostat up 5 degrees - ooh them global warming crazies what do they know! - and me pushing it down 5 degrees!

well i ain't gonna give up first! it's winter! dress appropriately folks! woolies can be fun! haha
maybe i should get her some totes totsies! or them wooly booties for old ladies/kate moss whoever...


rant over...

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