Monday, November 20, 2006

four girls and a maiden

i was in bournemouth this weekend to see my gran.

we went to a place called Holme Farm Shop for some groceries and my dad bought me a primrose plant. i warned him all plants die in my care but he said they're very hard wearing and bought it me anyway. so now it's on the windowsill on the stairs as i figured this would mean lots of light and not to much heat.

as far as green fingers go good intentions is as far as i get!

but the other thing they had in which caught my eye was a Lady Farmers Calendar. ooer missus these countryside sorts are a bit racy! lady farmers in nothing but wellingtons and all manner of horticultural machinery!

there's something very British about a nudey calendar. other countries wouldn't get the point, being all relaxed about nookie and general nakedness! haha

but you don't expect it in a Farm Shop along side the home made fudge! haha

that is all...

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